So about this page…

It’s been nearly two years since I’ve been on this blog and, reading back through it, I had some pretty sound ideas back then. They’re not much different from my word-vomits right now but I think, as a person, I’ve changed quite a bit since 2010.

Ladies and gentlemen, today is February 7th, 2012; today is the day I officially re-inaugurate this blog.

I figure, why not, right? I’ve been looking for a place to seriously put down my thoughts in prose form, not disjointed, single-sentence rambles injected with copious amounts of keysmashes and swearing. I’m not going to be on this blog a lot since my current school life sort of forces me to abstain from too much thinking lest my brain fizzle out and leave me the zombie I was born to be.

I think one of the main reasons this blog is actually going to start existing is because, well, I miss writing college essays. I honestly, truly do. I might start looking for prompts and begin writing, or I might write about something entirely abstract – I just need a release. I need to write.

I never fancied myself a writer. First Language English kind of expanded on that previously unacknowledged skill and a month of constant essay-writing on prompts that tickled me senseless (BECAUSE SERIOUSLY COLLEGE ESSAYS ARE AMAZING except for you, NYU. You suck.) has acted as some really friggin’ potent fertilizer.

This time, I’m not going to censor myself. Whoever wants to find this blog can find this blog.

I might just tone down the swearing to “frig” and “freak,” and “birch tree” and “dirtbag”…but that’s about it though.

…I’m excited for this.


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