Movie Review: Chronicle

The first word I would use to describe Chronicle is “psychotic.”

I’m not even joking, this movie is just…completely psychotic. The premise is that three high school seniors – one of whom uses a camera to interact with the world instead of direct interaction – find a really deep ditch which seems to be emanating these high pitched, typical radioactive noises. As teenagers are prone to do, they bully the camera-kid, Andrew, into going in with them and exploring it. The ditch turns out to be a really deep tunnel of sorts which leads to an electric blue wall, with a jagged surface.

Boom, bam, the jagged surface turns red and the camera fizzles out. Next day, Andrew records as they all try out their newfound telekinetic abilities.

The entire movie is seen through various camera lenses, primarily through Andrew’s own, which is a pretty messed up insight into Andrew’s…rapidly evolving psychopathic tendencies.

That, coupled with telekinetic powers, a dying mother, an abusive father and the city of Seattle…

Not very promising.

Honestly, the movie was incredible, apart from the all too familiar “let’s kill off the ethnic minority first!” aspect and I definitely recommend it to anyone debating which film to watch over the weekend.

More than that, though, the movie was a perfect example of how an abusive household can mess a kid up, with or without telekinesis, especially when coupled with the stress of school and bullying. What you might think is harmless could be interpreted very, very differently by the object of your banter.

Be careful of what you say to people and know when to draw the line. For all you know, they might decide to wreak havoc upon your geographical area of choice.

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