Short Note: Science VS Art

Seriously. The whole idea of debating which discipline is more beneficial to society than the other is ridiculous. Why do you need such a debate to begin with? Do you genuinely believe you’re better than other people just because, say, you study biochemistry instead of art history? Or that you’re more “enlightened” than the rest of us because you have the sensitivity to study the Classics?

No one is better than the other, no matter what you study. So what if the sciences are a more practical and hands on discipline? We’d still be stuck in a dark ages state of mind if no one had the good sense to save all the manuscripts and designs drawn up so they could get rediscovered.


That said, my appreciation for the sciences won’t last long if people don’t shut up about my humanities subjects not requiring hard work. Try writing Sociology essays. Then we’ll talk.


That is to stay, stop nullifying other people’s hard work. Besides, it doesn’t matter what you study – we’re all stuck in the same crappy economy, science, commerce, art, whatever.

2 thoughts on “Short Note: Science VS Art

  1. Exactly! such debates get on my nerves. And the absolutely groundless opinions of people who think it’s easy to score in arts or business subjects than it is in sciences. orthodox illogical views.

    1. Thank you. The disciplines are meant to compliment each other, not be pitted against one another for the title of WHICH IS THE BEST DISCIPLINE.

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