Short Note: Home is where you hang your hat

Short Note: Home is where you hang your hat

…and boy, do I hang my hats everywhere in my room.

I watched The Hobbit this evening – and it’s a beautiful movie. I normally hate watching movies that are longer than an hour and a half but this movie had me completely engrossed. It was visually stunning and just a treat from start to finish.

But that’s not what this blog post is about.

As I sat down in my bed, having changed into my night clothes, Lana Del Rey crooning into my ears about her angst-ridden, Americana-glorifying, but aurally pleasing affairs, I was overcome by this all-encompassing love for my bedroom.

I have a routine, see – when I’m done for the day, I come into my room, change, drop my clothes onto the big floor cushions at the foot of my bed, turn on my fairy lights, hang my hat/rockabilly bandana/miscellaneous hair accessories, and curl up into bed with my laptop.

I turned on my laptop, looked around at my room, and smiled to myself. And then felt sad. My bedroom is my comfort, it is me, all pink, fluffy, comfortable and cozy – and now with fairy lights twinkling away almost perpetually – it is my favorite place in the world.

And in a scant 7 months, I’ll be packing up a good amount of it and taking it with me. Scattering bits of my bedroom between Boston and here.

Half-here, half-there.

I suppose in a way, that’s apt – my heart itself is half-here, half-there. It makes sense that eventually my bedroom, my little fairy-lit, pink haven will be split along that same Grand Divide.

For now, though, it’s in one piece, and it’s beautiful. I guess I know what be my “Alhamdulillah” thought before I go to bed will be.

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