The Winchester Astronomy Club Art Exhibition!

The Winchester Astronomy Club Art Exhibition!

So as you can tell from the details on the flyer, my school is hosting an Art Exhibition on the theme of space and astronomy at Dar Al Adaab in the Al Fahidi Historic area art district of Dubai!

There are many artists from my school who’re going to put their work up on display – myself included, shamelesspluggingshamelessplugging – and believe me, these are all incredibly talented artists who’ve worked very hard on their paintings. More than just the pretty artiness, there’ll be presentations about space from various members of the Astronomy club, an iPhone guided tour of the night sky, and you’ll even get to peek through intensely powerful telescopes and look at the moon and Jupiter…and honestly, as someone who got to see both last year, it’s not something you want to miss. Plus, the DJ is going to be playing some sick house music!

All in all, it’ll be a very chilled out evening, in a beautiful area, with really cool people, and I’d love if you could stop by! Admission is totally free and you can bring whoever you want!

Hope to see you there 😀

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