Assorted thoughts

  1. It’s so weird to have huge breaks between exams – my first A Level was yesterday, History, and it’s my extra subject too, the one I self-study. There’s always an added pressure to perform well in something you chose yourself. I managed to come out with an unprecedented A in history last year: and I want another A this year. But my next exam is on the 31st and it feels so strange to not have to worry about  having to study immediately, especially for history.
  2. Incidentally, the next exam I have is Sociology. I’m very eager to give that particular exam.
  3. Singing shows make me very emotional. Angie Miller’s homecoming on American Idol was especially emotional because so much of it took place in Boston and- well, I need not go on.
  4. I have the best friends in the world who apparently like giving me surprise birthday dinners.
  5. Aforementioned friends also have a fantastic appreciation for my nerdiness *snuggles her new Assassin’s Creed III artbook*
  6. It’s such a damn injustice that Pakistanis overseas cannot vote. What’s the point of turning 18 if I can’t cast a vote – something that’s so incredibly important to me? It feels like I’m being a hypocrite by wanting to study Political Science; how can I, when I couldn’t even vote for elections in my own country? I know that’s unfair to myself, but it does hurt, so much. I said as much to my parents, and my mom responded with a wry smile, saying, “We’re 44+ and we can’t vote for our country.” And that’s what hit me in the gut. The Pakistani diaspora numbers 7 million – that’s a lot of votes that could have been casted. Maybe someday.

I beseech the Pakistanis that can vote to do so. Today is the day we take our own future in our hands. Be thoughtful. Be clear. Let not allegiances and tradition deter you from making your own decision. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it as many times as I need to: this is about your autonomy. Don’t compromise it, please.

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