Short note: Injustice Injustice Injustice

We are at the mercy of racist institutions. All around the world, systems are set in place to try and keep us in check, from the youngest of children to the oldest of men – if you are dealt such a hand, you bear its mark.

There’s so much pain in people’s hearts. Pain, rage, hopelessness, all this and more. And rightfully so. Certainly, it happens all the time, every day, such cruelty, but this – in the public’s eye – is blatant racism. It’s heart-wrenchingly horrible and to deride it as being standard is taking lightly something that cannot afford to be taken lightly. The murder of an innocent teenaged boy at the hands of a “threatened” adult is cruel enough, but then for this adult to be acquitted of all charges? This isn’t run-of-the-mill stuff, this is a game-changer. Anyone can pull a gun and kill and say they felt threatened. 

I will not say much on this, as I have no right to speak about this. I will say though that it’s more important than ever that we not let ourselves get crushed under this oppression. We must raise our voices in support of one another. We cannot observe the events of one country while assisting in the oppression of our own. We must stand against all cruelty, every cruelty, and be strong in facing it. Vocally and with our actions.

I really don’t have the strength to say much more. Certainly, I feel like I have no right to even say his name right now. So I’ll leave it with this:

Muslims, I implore you – keep the victims of injustice all around the world in your prayers and thoughts. It’s a holy month. At least do this. If you are able to, act. 

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