Thirteen years of school officially ended a few months ago – but today, the next leg of my life is set in stone. For the first time, I don’t really have many words, but I’ll try to be as eloquent as possible regardless because I think this does garner a little speech. 

I went to school today to say goodbye to my teachers, and maybe it was the heels of my fit flops, but I felt tall walking the corridors of what used to be my high school. I said my goodbyes and I made my peace with the classrooms and my sixth form and the weird picture of me up on the reception walls. The walls of my room are barer than usual; my nail polish box is considerably devoid of nail polish; and the usual tell-tale signs of my habitat are pretty much gone. It’s a sad sight, but this is not a sad occasion. This is a joyous occasion, the *most* joyous occasion – I’m moving to Boston, a city I love, to the college of my dreams, to study what I was meant to study since I came into this world a messy bundle of pink skin and wet tears.

Really, I’m only going for three months – an extended vacation, but with more studying. I’ll have a new view to inspire me, and new people to spur me on, but I’ll know I’ve only gotten there because of the people who’ve loved me these past 6 years in Dubai, and before that, in Pakistan. I went from being an insecure girl to a (fairly) confident, happy adult, with ambitions and plans and excitement pumping through my veins. The journey always seems so slow, but in retrospect, it reads as a split-second. And I can’t wait to make more split-second memories in my new home.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have never been more happy: at 00:40, in 8 hours and 32 minutes, I will be Boston-bound.

I wrote the above around 3pm Dubai time on the 19th of August 2013. Right now, it is 5:01pm EST on the 20th of August 2013.
I have moved to Boston.

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