the universe is ever-expanding

My heart is not so small that

it cannot ache for the many;

my conscience is not so limited as

the number of words on my tongue;

and my attentions do not only bend with

the curve of my lover’s spine.

i am human and


have an uncanny knack

for feeling with every star in the sky

and since when has Andromeda glowed

with the light of a Facebook post shared?

(but skin, i’ve heard, can be scorched and broken,

and even nature needs time to process calamity.)

There are a lot of afterthoughts in my poems, and this one I felt like I needed to add in light of the AME Church massacre last night. Ramadan Kareem to all, and I hope you find peace in prayer and community. I had a whole post planned out but my Ramadan zen has given way to a lot of hunger and wooziness.

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