Deviation and social norms? Bah.

Us humans can be very judgemental people, especially when it comes to people that surround us; our friends, our families, our society, our age group, heck, even strangers. If they don’t comform to your idea of what’s normal and acceptable, then it’s totally alright to find people who agree with you and gossip about these deviants clandestinely.

Well, you don’t even have to be clandestine, really. Depends on your disposition.

What really rubs me the wrong way, though, is how we can take an aspect of a person’s personality and slander then for it. Teenagers, in particular, can be heinous. I’m not saying we’re all like that – I’ve met nicer teens than I have mean ones – but we can be truly evil. In a really weird way.

Ladies and gents, we think we’re so intelligent. We’re such noncomformists. We don’t watch all those stupid TV shows, we’re not bimbos, we never cry over stupid things. We think about life. That makes us better than the girls whose lives revolve around their boyfriends. That makes us better than the dumb guys who go around smoking it up.

We have ambition.

We’re independent thinkers.

We have other people all figured out.

No. No, we don’t. We will never understand other people. We will never, at a glance, be able to tell what their lives are like. The world is FULL of independent thinkers; that doesn’t necessarily make one better than the other. The world requires a spectrum of people to function the way it was meant to, and like it or not, we need to start appreciating that.

Besides, why CAN’T teenagers gush over their boyfriends/girlfriends? Why CAN’T they cry over silly thinks? Why CAN’T they choose to think about trivial things?

It’s great that you’re ~oh so enlightened, but really? If not now, when else can teenagers do all these things without caring?

People hate us enough without us hating ourselves.

Let teenagers be. Let PEOPLE be.

Besides, Romeo and Juliet were both 13/14 and they’re iconic literary characters. Stop yo whining.

One thought on “Deviation and social norms? Bah.

  1. I do so love all your rants, Nei. ❤ This one hits home though. Every single person's got a whole life behind their face and even though it's impossible to know what it IS, we need to remember that it's THERE.

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