On friendzoning…

…and how it is the most disgusting concept in the relationship world.

For those of you lucky individuals that are not aware of this particular phenomenon, Friendzoning is when a girl tells a guy that she is not interesting with pursuing a relationship with this guy (whom we will henceforth refer to as Nice Guy™) with one of the following:

“You’re like a brother to me;”

“We can still be friends!;”

“You’re creeping me out with all this stalking, please stop, I really don’t like you that way.”

All of which, of course, serve to make Nice Guy™ very, very sad. How mean of that girl to not like such a loyal, sweet boy, when there are so many people out there who can’t find a significant other! How insensitive of that uncouth wretch!

Except, you know, everyone has a right to say no to an unrequited love. Stop your whining and move on. I don’t care if this person was the love of your life, if it was meant to be, she will come around, until then, DON’T RESORT TO STALKING. And don’t turn around and tell everyone what a birch tree that poor girl is because she – *gasp* – had the gall to deny a Nice Guy™ like you! Why do girls always fall for the jerks and not for me?

Let me tell you why:

Because they didn’t fall for you.

So, once again, deal with it.

Don’t be a hypocrite when you’d be treating a Nice Girl™ the exact same way.

Man the hell up.

PS: I’m not targeting all men, it’s just that the vast majority of Nice *insertgender*™ happen to be butthurt men. I will make a post, definitely, about girls who make conclusions on the entirety of the masculine sex because of one faulty experience.

3 thoughts on “On friendzoning…

  1. Yup I basically agree. I’ve had many a rant about who Nice Guys™ classify as “jerks”. They pretty much think that any guy who does anything more than sit on their computer doing nothing and has a few character flaws is a total douchebag and doesn’t deserve her. Most Nice Guys™ are not nice at all, they’re arrogant and bitter. My ex was a Nice Guy™ and our relationship was, frankly, monotonous. We rarely did anything other than sit around watching movies (for nearly 2 years, I might add) and he was overall a bit of a wet blanket.

    So yeah I totally despise the term ‘friendzone’. It was something created by men to try and push the blame for their loneliness onto women. They never accept that there might be a valid reason why she doesn’t want him.

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