TEDxYouthDay – My dream

TEDxYouthDay - My dream

I suppose being a speaker at a TEDx event makes it so I have a commitment to follow through with; a commitment to the very foundation of TED: to use it as well as my life as a platform to inspire positive change. I can talk at length about my “idea that can change the world” but what about my purpose in life?

Yes, I want to be a passionate person. But I want to use that passion towards inciting change, verbal change that can lead to action. I want to speak in and inspire beautiful words because beauty is the foundation of a better future, and what better way to ensure a better future than to speak in beautiful words?

There’s a proverb along the lines of “don’t speak unless what you have to say is more beautiful than silence” and that’s what I hope to do – to speak in a way that IS more beautiful than silence.

A lot of that is disciplining myself. And I am willing to do it.

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