I always knew A Levels were going to be extremely fatiguing; the knowledge of this was so potent that it drove me to tell everyone else how exhausted I was going to be all year round, how I would never get a moment to myself, how I have to keep my grades up, with an air of earnest but good-natured melodrama.

Don’t get me wrong – it is undeniably true that this is the busiest year of school I have ever experienced and I certainly am very, very busy. November, especially, is proving to be as nerve-wracking as I predicted it to be. Between my SATs, college applications, TEDxWinchester, Debate Dubai and day-to-day demands, I have no room to commit to anything else.

Well. Apart from Assassin’s Creed 3. And scrolling through my tumblr dashboard. And posting about how busy I am on twitter. And talking to my friends on whatsapp, AIM and through text. And making this blog post.

Again. I have many, many things to do – in fact, I should be doing them right now. But sleep is not something I’m going to deprive myself of (very calculated sleep, by the way, I know exactly what my cut-off time is if I want to get a bit more than 8 hours worth of sleep – it’s 11:40pm, if you’re curious) but it’s just that split-second prioritizing takes so much more precedence in the short term than what is more favorable in The Grand Scheme of Things. (capitalized for dramatic effect)

In The Grand Scheme of Things, I should have done three essays. But have these three essays taken precedence in the short term? …most decidedly not.

I’m not justifying myself. Think of this post as self-deprecating critique. I’m putting myself up on display to point out a mentality that’s very predominant amongst people in my age group. Obviously, not everyone – and obviously, I don’t mean to imply that you have to keep studying 24/7.

My point is, no matter how busy I am, I will find a loop hole in my loose little schedule to play AC3 and have my Bunny- I mean, Connor, kill people with a degree of cuteness that is unfair and COMPLETELY OUT OF PLACE in the assassin world. (Let me digress here to talk about how awesome AC3 and the Assassin’s Creed series is. My favorite game series. I could go on and on about the characters, the stories, the setting, the music and maybe I will in a future post but seriously, if you haven’t played AC, you must.)

I am only human. I am only a teenager, no matter how overachieving I may be.

There’s no point judging people for doing something “unproductive” when they should, technically, be doing something productive because more often than not, we’d be doing the same thing in their shoes. We need comfort, we need to lose ourselves to something every so often, be it a book, a game, a movie, our art, or music etc, because in doing so, we reenergize and reinvigorate ourselves. And that is a necessity if we want to keep on top of things in, you guessed it: The Grand Scheme of Things.

It’s 11:27 now and I have ten more minutes to do whatever before I go to bed. With that, I wrap this post up.

Requiescat in pa– I MEAN, BYE.

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