Short Note – the path that led to the present

Sometimes I think back and I’m in awe of the fact that, at every point in my life, I made choices and decisions that led to me becoming the person I am today. Not hanging out with that one friend when I was five years old, growing apart from someone else, picking Winchester as the school I wanted to go to, deciding not to take a certain subject in my IGCSEs, taking a leap of faith and signing up for a certain extra-curricular, impulse buys…every step of the way, something has happened that has moulded me into who I am. What constitutes me, my personality, the clothes I wear, the music I listen to are all a product of decisions that range from menial to painfully significant.

Everyone I know and love is a product of their life choices.

The world is a product of the life choices of 7 billion individuals on a micro level, and the choices of the few for the many on a macro level but no matter what lens you look at it through, the operating words are all the same.






Maybe I’m just incoherently rambling in my post-caffeine crashed, exhausted state. I’ll probably wake up tomorrow, look at this post and snort at myself all, “Astute observation, Captain Obvious,” but at least right now, at 2:15am, dammit, this is the most important observation I’ve made in a while.

I need to sleep.

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