Love letters: Rain in Dubai

Dear Rain,

Hi. It’s been a while. We’ve waited for you a very long time, you know. It’s been a long, hot summer – a summer which, quite frankly, has no business stretching itself through till November. We’ve had to endure long, hot days, sickening humidity and brutal assaults by piercing sunlight. All in the hopes that the evenings will bring a cool breeze, just enough to make going outside bearable.

To be honest, I was quite mad at you, rain. You barely showed your face last year. I felt a bit betrayed, telling non-Dubai natives how oh, sure, we do get rain, in fact we’re due to get some soon when in fact, you never really followed through. I suppose it’s my fault, trying to put a predictable label on you. It was probably insulting. If that’s the case, then I’m very sorry.

But you’re here now. And let me tell you something – you’re beautiful. You’re absolutely stunning and I’m completely riveted by your majesty. You and the entire family – thunder, lightning, wind, chill – all of you in one grand bluegreywithhintsofpurple package. I love the feel of you caressing my face, the way you tousle my hair and turn my nose cold. I love the way you sparkle in the corner of my periphery, right in the corner so you get my attention and make me turn my head to face you. I love the way you surprise me when I least expect it. I adore you in your entirety, I adore you wholly. You wash the dirt from this dusty desert city and polish it anew, high-definition, radiant in its true colors.

I love the way you marry the marina every time you come visit her, the way you make her dance and splash, romancing her by the city lights. You pull together this city, you make it sing, and even though you don’t come very often, it’s hard to stay mad at you. In the end, you make the wait worthwhile. And we fall in love with your splendor all over again.

Stay a while. Play with my hair some more. Caress my face some more. I allow you to be an inconvenience if that’s what you want.

Just stay a while.

All my love.

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