“An invocation for beginnings”

Rather, an invocation for new beginnings. I spent the bulk of last night (well, more like this morning) doing two things: 

  • Watching Disney’s Hercules (my love for Meg knows no bounds)
  • Making myself a bunch of professional accounts

The latter of the two is something you can see traces of on this blog. I’ve done three major things thus far, which is make a new gmail for the blog, get myself a LinkedIn account because I’m all professional like that, and a Twitter to go hand in hand with Neiha Thinks This!

I’ve also set up an RSS feed that you can subscribe to in lieu of having to depend on my Facebook or Twitter or like checking the blog everyday – though, that bit might be made easier too, considering one of my biggest goals for the coming year is to turn my blogging a frequent thing. This might be hard what with my A Levels so there’ll be a bulk of short notes and love letters and other introspections, rather than massively large posts – though that is something I’ll definitely work on as well.

All in all, it’s been a great year for my blog…the fact that it actually took off like this wasn’t something I’d anticipated in February when I kickstarted it again. Now, it’s something I want to take even further.

Here’s to another fantastic year for the blog.

But more than that, here’s to 2013 – the year that’ll more or less define where the next four years of my life will be spent. The year I leave behind high school and Dubai and my life right now for new beginnings. That’s why 2013 will be an invocation for new beginnings, but also a a stopper to a lot of things.

It’ll be bittersweet, but I’m ready for all of it.

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