Northeastern Husky, Class of ’17!

This is going to be a little awkward but I think I’ll just dive right into it.

I got rejected from Boston University. …if you know anything about me, it’s that BU was my dream school. I’ve been gushing about it for the last three years – everything I did in high school was in the name of BU. The end result of everything would’ve been to get one step closer to that school. Getting rejected last year was bad enough, but this year – it just shattered me. For a good 20 minutes after I got my rejection letter on Saturday night, I just lay in my bed and cried, inconsolable, all the pep talks and everything just went over my head. In retrospect, it was pretty pathetic, but I felt genuinely horrible.

The morning after was even worse. I just did not want to get out of bed because everything reminded me that I didn’t get BU. I opened google chrome and my most visited website thumbnail for BU was updated with a “Welcome, class of 2017!” banner.

You know that expression “rubbing salt in someone’s wounds”? Yeah. That times 10.

After a little while But then I realized something. I had gotten into five universities. All great schools, with Northeastern on par with BU. I realized that…I was so obsessed with Boston University that I didn’t allow myself the luxury of falling in love with other schools. And that was a big mistake on my part. But now, after looking extensively at Northeastern University, I realized that – for me – BU wasn’t the best school. It was always NEU. It was always the Huskies, with its co-ops and career services and combined major programs and thematic residences that was practically tailor-made for me.

For some perspective: Northeastern is famed for its co-op programs but I didn’t know about them until Saturday – after I got rejected! – because that’s just how obsessed I was with BU and now – I won’t say I’m obsessed with NEU because I realize what a dangerous word that is. But I am definitely in love with it. I am excited. I am beyond excited to go there, and now with my enrollment deposit sent, it’s more or less a reality.

So yeah. I was rejected from BU. But that’s okay. And that’s what I want everyone to know, too – people in my position, people waiting to hear back from colleges, people planning on applying soon – that it is okay to be rejected from one university, or rejected from anything, really, because life is full of posisbilities and probabilities and opportunities and it’s just up to you, yourself, to give yourself the liberty of allowing yourself to broaden your horizons and open yourself up to new paths and routes because everything will end up where you want it to end up as long as you work for it.

I realize that now. And it’s the best feeling in the world. So take my word for it. 

PS: Also, I love Huskies, so I mean, a perfect mascot. What could be better.

PPS: Yep! That’s the end of all my college tension right there! If you want to go over my college posts, here you go! All college-related posts will be tagged as Northeastern University now.

PPPS: Honorable mention to Jafar for being a bro through all my BU related angst! ❤

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