Short note: Keep talking

  • Don’t shut up. When people tell you you’re too passionate, disagree. When people say you’re too obsessive about an issue, know they’re wrong. When people tell you something isn’t important, get angry.
  • When no one’s listening, talk louder.
  • Demand attention.
  • Refuse to be silenced.
  • Demand the right to be heard, even when no one cares or listens.
  • Your existence does not invalidate your opinions. Nor does your unique position undermine its importance.
  • But listen, too. Keep your ears open for a murmur. Encourage others to speak, however softly, and then draw their voice out into the open. Spread the word: SPEAK.
  • Be the exception to the rule. Let your tongue call the battle and then let your body raise the mast. Or better yet, raise the mast and then call the battle.
  • Whatever you do, do not stay quiet when you’re forced to. And certainly not when they force you. You’re stronger than they are because you are the dissent – a ripple in a still pond is a beautiful thing.
  • Don’t let anything get you down. And don’t let anything make you stop talking.
  • Love yourself and your voice.

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