bee-stung tongue

But sometimes your tongue is so laden with all the ways you can phrase a sentence that you end up swollen and heavy-jowled, and all that comes from your lips are disjointed words interjected with hesitation and insecurity. You sit down, red, and pretend you aren't being stared at by people who're wondering what the hell you're doing there; you pretend you aren't pretending those people are staring at you because it's much easier to displace the responsibility of criticism than admit you hate some aspect of your identity.

Constructing the Molotov Cocktail: Nationalism and Kashmir (dec. 2014)

12/4/2014 - International Relations @ Northeastern University  Aaj woh Kashmir hai Mehkoom-o-Majboor-o-Faqir Kal jise Ahl-e-Nazar kehte thay Iran-e-Sagheer Today is a Kashmir subordinate, obligated, beggared Which yesterday the wise called Little Iran - Allama Iqbal At first glance, South Asia since its inception may seem like a behemoth with realist tenets where there are meant … Continue reading Constructing the Molotov Cocktail: Nationalism and Kashmir (dec. 2014)